Readers Cup 2019 culminated in an exciting quiz day this Wednesday for all year 5 students.

Readers Cup encourages students to read widely, work collaboratively in a team and continue developing a love of reading.

Students worked in teams throughout the term to further develop their comprehension skills as they read selected books from a range of authors. The gym was transformed into a quiz room as students sat together in their teams to answer 7 rounds of questions about their books. Each team decorated their table, brought a plethora of food and snacks to share and some students dressed as one of their book characters. As in any good quiz night there were other activities and prizes in between the question rounds.

Congratulations to the Book Worms who won the quiz on the day and well done to all year 5 students who were diligent with their reading to ensure they were contributing to their teams success in the quiz.

Many thanks to Ms Armanas, Ms Packer, Mrs Klinkert, Ms Williams and Mr Natar for your efforts to provide such a fun and valuable learning experience for your students and to the very helpful Library Staff who supported the staff and students with an enjoyable selection of quality books to read. Special thanks to visiting scorer Mrs Hoskins.