Year Sevens will be moving to High School in 2022.  The Department is working towards this move and assessing what needs to be done by then, as well as how it will happen.  There are many implications that the move creates and these have to be worked through as well.

Please click on the link below to get to the Department’s page and read parent updates. If you keep this link handy, you will be able to keep abreast of what is happening as it continues to be updated.

Education Department Information Page

In relation to Woodend Primary School, it will include the following changes;

  • year seven students transitioning to high school at the end of 2021 to their allocated high school.
  • year six students in 2021 will then also be moving to their allocated high school at the end of 2021. Note: This years year 4 students will be in year six in 2021 and will be the first group moving to year seven in high school in 2022.

We will have to consider;

  • what graduation looks like at the end of 2021 for year 6 and year 7 students? Questions such as; will it be one large graduation or two smaller graduations that year?  Where will we hold it if we have one larger graduation?  What will the structure look like that year?
  • how do we ensure the Canberra experience is a reality for 2021?  Can we realistically take the number of students when year 5,6 and 7 numbers are added together? Can accomodation in Canberra cater for such a large number? Will we be competing against other schools for accomodation space, transport etc at this time as well?  How are year five students impacted on during that year?
  • in 2022, will it mean additional spaces will be available at our school for enrolments?  Is the possibility for this going to be reduced anyway if the new building program happens during 2022 rather than 2020 or 2021 as first proposed (there may be a delay while year seven classrooms etc are being built or refurbished in high schools)?
  • what does it mean for staffing? Are any teachers going to take up the offer of teaching in high schools? Will it change the number of SSO hours that we need in relation to student support?

I urge you to read the Department’s information and ask questions through Parent Network or any of our communication channels.  You are all welcome to send questions via email to and we will respond either personally or via the NewsBlog.  Title it “Year Sevens moving to High School in 2022”.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman