We were fortunate to have Pedal Prix coordinator and teacher, Joel Fitzgerald and his four Seaview High School students work with all the Year 4/5 classes about all the STEAM related to Pedal Prix today.  Our school has close connections with Seaview with the Pedal Prix program and STEAM Week was the perfect opportunity to share all about Pedal Prix and the links the two schools have.  Mr Fitzgerald and the students shared all the science, technology, engineering, arts and maths involved with Pedal Prix and gave students the opportunity to work on fitness that would improve their cycling stamina and the chance to ride a car.  There was a new-found interest for many students and they were given a flyer to take home to show parents.  We captured pictures throughout the day showing its success.  A special thank you to Mr Fitzgerald and the four students – Lachlan, Kim, Adam and Charlie for their time, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm.  We hope their Pedal Prix passion spreads to more Woodend students and families for 2019.