Kiss & Go Update – January 2019
The Kiss & Go area has now been fully extended. This is a TWO MINUTE, no parking zone for morning drop of from 8:30-9am and afternoon pick up time 3-3:30pm.

To address the concern of non-compliant parking occurring, Council’s Community Safety Inspectors will ensure they police the area on a more regular basis.

Please read through the following information to ensure you are aware of parking restrictions & road rules.

Dear Parents & Caregivers

Below is an outline of parking restrictions on Edward Beck Drive and the Woodend Kiss n Go.

Governing Council is working closely with the Marion Council to explore solutions to our traffic issues. With the new restrictions in place the Marion Council will do extra inspections to see how things are progressing so please adhere to the below information.

Karen Gunton
Governing Council Chairperson.

New restrictions on Edward Beck Drive in Term 3

  • ‘No Stopping’ restrictions removed from north side of Edward Beck – this will now be unrestricted parking
  • ‘No Parking’ restrictions changed on south side of Edward Beck – Kiss & Go zone will be extended (to where line of verge trees begin) and will include both AM drop off time 8:30-9am and PM pick up time 3-3:30pm
  • this zone has now been indented for the full length, as of january 2019

KISS & GO Expectations

All students being picked up in the Kiss & Go need to go to the supervised waiting zone: behind the grey wavy fence near the Kiss & Go (orange star on map). Waiting Zone is supervised by a teacher 3:05 – 3:20pm – any students not picked up will be sent to the front office to wait.

The Kiss & Go Zone (red line on map) is a 2 min only drop off & pick up zone: 8:30-9am and 3-3:30pm

  • pull up to the front of the zone as far as you can – do not stop in middle of zone
  • if the cars in front of you leave and you are still waiting to pick up – pull forwards to the front of the zone
  • do not leave your car unattended
  • drop off & pick up quickly – this is a 2 min only zone
  • if you are waiting longer than 2 mins, drive around block & come back
  • do not stop/block traffic to wait for spots to open in the zone
  • if there are no spaces, drive around block & come back
  • do not double park to pick up or drop off children
  • do not U Turn into or out of zone

Warnings & Tickets

Community Safety Inspectorate (CSI) will be patrolling the area during this trial. They will offer a 2 week grace period while drivers familiarise with new restrictions, and will be giving out warnings during this time. After the 2 week grace period, tickets will be issued. CSI patrol will be out weekly. Warnings/Tickets may be given for:

  • parking/leaving car unattended/staying to long in 2 min kiss & go zone
  • parking in no stopping zones/on yellow lines
  • double parking
  • illegal UTurns (e.g. across a solid white line)
  • parking on reserves/verge
  • blocking driveways
  • not stopping at school crossing when STOP signs are raised

Kiss & Go FAQs

Will it be clear where the Kiss & Go Zone ends?

The Kiss & Go zone is now fully indented for the length of the zone. This zone is NO parking – 2 minutes for drop off/pick up only – during the designated times.

Why has the Waiting Zone moved location?

The Waiting Zone – for students waiting to be picked up at the Kiss & Go – will be located up near Edward Beck Rd behind the wavy grey fence as a trial. We have chosen this location for visibility – with the Kiss & Go being extended we want students to be able to see their car easily, move to the car quickly, and leave the zone quickly. Any changes will be advised via the News Blog and/or the school Team App.

Is there a wet weather plan?

We expect that students have appropriate outerwear for the weather: a rain jacket, windcheater, umbrella, etc. regardless of whether they are waiting to be picked up at the Kiss & Go, walking to their car, or walking home. It is parents and students responsibility to determine if outerwear is needed for the Waiting Zone. If there is extreme weather (e.g. it’s an absolute downpour, a dust storm etc), we may ask students to wait in shelter of room 1 and watch for cars as best as we can.

Can I leave my car to assist children getting into/out of car.

You are not allowed to leave your car unattended in a ‘No Parking Zone’ – i.e. the Kiss & Go Zone – however you may certainly get out of your car to assist children when necessary. Please keep in mind this is a 2 minute zone, so we do ask drivers to pick up and drop off quickly: please do not loiter (i.e. do not wait to watch your children walk all the way to their classrooms) and if you do not need to assist children, the zone will move more quickly if you remain in the car for pick up/drop off.

What if my child needs to enter/exit the car on the driver’s side?

Best practice is for children to enter/exit the car on the passenger side and this is what our students learn at the road safety school. It is considered by road traffic authorities to be a highly unsafe practice to use the passenger side for children to enter or exit the vehicle.  However if your child must enter/exit the car on the driver’s side we urge you to use your own judgement and caution in the Kiss & Go – just as you would if you were parking – and get out of the car to assist them to enter/exit the car safely.

Why can’t we turn Hugh’s Court Reserve into parking and/or Kiss & Go.

At this time, Marion Council is unwilling to use Hugh’s Court Reserve – on Young St, across from school – for parking/traffic solutions. The residents of that area do not want their green space turned into parking, any more that we Woodend Families would want our green space turned into parking. Therefore, this space is not a viable option so we are looking at what is viable and what can be done; including this extended Kiss & Go trial as well as initiatives for improving safety for walking/riding to school. We ask that Woodend Families continue to respect our neighbours, do the right thing when driving/parking near the school, and do your part to help make our initiatives as successful as possible.

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