This year was the 12th annual visit from our sister school, Myojo Gakkuen. We had 16 students and 3 staff joining our school and being part of fabulous host families for just over a week. 


It was a very busy time for all with many events planned during their time with us. These included Sports Day, a visit to the Central Market with the Middle Schooling classes, cooking with Amanda making delicious pizzas, skipping with Mr Z and class and being part of every day school life here at Woodend.

We held a Welcome assembly for our visitors on their first day, with all Myojo students introducing themselves to us.  The Farewell assembly on their departure day was very well received by our students. The Myojo students performed a wide range of acts, showing us their talents. 

This year we saw 8 of the students return from last year. Many of those students were able to stay with the same host families which is a wonderful part of this programme.

We thank all host families for welcoming the Myojo students into their homes. It is so nice to see the relationships build over the days they are here. The goodbyes at the end are always a sad time but shows us that great friendships have been formed.

Thanks to all involved and we look forward to another great experience next year.