Term 1 has been a very exciting term in the Design and Technology room. The classes that I have taught have all shown developing skills in problem solving, collaboration, willingness to try new things and having a growth mindset. We have been involved in a wide range of activities that have been theme based, ranging from Reception classes through to year 7 students. We have investigated what the meaning of design and technology is, developed a range of design and technology vocabulary, used a range of materials to design and make with, have solved building problems with limited materials, solved team challenges, investigated strong joining techniques, built towers and bridges, made weaving frames, designed oil spill cleaning systems, made obstacle courses and mazes, created murals and sculptures using potential plastic rubbish, begun to use the new programmable¬† floor robots and learnt about coding. It’s been a pleasure to work with these classes this term and I look forward to new and exciting lessons again in Term 2.

Vicki Gregory Design and Technology teacher