Traffic, parking, and road safety around Woodend Primary School can be a hot topic in our community. Governing Council has a task force to work with Marion Council and the Way2Go program to look into our problems and possible solutions. We will be presenting our traffic issues and concerns to Marion Council at the end of the month and would like to take input from our community to that meeting.

Please use the form below to offer any feedback you would like to share. For instance:

From your perspective, what are the biggest traffic, parking, and street safety issues in our community? Do you have suggestions for resolving these issues? Have you got a question that you would like to raise?

We would like to hear from any members of our community – not just parents of our students but the residents in our neighbourhood as well, so please do share this post with your neighbours.

Please note: the information provided here will only be shared with the governing council traffic & safety task force, and will only be used to get the perspective of our community. No personal details will be shared.

(nb: If you don’t see the form below, please click on the heading of this post in order to open the form – thank you.)