This year we have had just one significant bout of a stomach virus and we worked very hard to minimise its impact on students and families.  Once it had dissipated, we reviewed our strategies and looked at the possible improvements that may assist in future.

As a result we have installed new automatic soap dispensers in all toilets throughout the school.  Hand washing is one of the recommended ways that can keep cross infection to a minimum.

Toilets are cleaned daily after school by the cleaners and all classrooms are vacuumed and cleaned regularly.  This includes cleaning desks with a disinfectant.

We reviewed our procedures and wish to remind families how they too may help in such events.  If your child is ill, then the recommendation of Health authorities is to remain away from school for 24 hours or until all signs of infection have passed.

In the case of who to advise at school if your child is ill, we have two trained Senior First Aid staff, Kerri Bruggerman on the Front Desk and Jodie MacKrill who is our Finance Officer.  These are the people who need to be advised of any illness or injury that we need to know about.  It is always advisable to inform the class teacher as well.  Any child who presents as being ill in the classroom or school yard, will be sent to Kerri / Front Office for evaluation.

While it is unrealistic to think that we can solve all cross-infection issues in a school, working together will assist greatly to reduce the severity when such cases surface.


Steve Freeman