We had a wonderful experience  on 10 June as students from Don Zampogna and Merry Whelan’s classes  provided numerous entertaining and  edifying “Fringe” type performances in multiple venues for classes across the  school to enjoy. It was a fantastic experience for  audiences and performers.  Below is a report from one group.

On Friday 10 June , Whelan’s Wonder’s and Mr. Z’s Zedites held their long awaited Fringe Performance Day!

Before the performance day, we all had to consider the following like…  What will you be doing and what kind of performance is it? Who is in the group? What props/costumes/music etc will you need?

We first had to decide who would be in our group . The members in my group were Emily, Nisha, Skye, Leonora and myself. We named our group… Salsa Squad! One of the challenges for my group was creating an entertaining performance that we all agreed on! We had decided to do a carpool karaoke item and it wasn’t really going anywhere! Eventually Leonora, Skye and I decided to change our performance to a Just Dance routine. We then met up at Skye’s house to choose the song and start off on our dance.

Another challenge we faced was choosing the song and also changing some of the dance moves to make it ours. We finally agreed on a song called Love Myself! On performance day, we were all very anxious and excited! Each act performed twice on the day and each show was followed up with a workshop. We performed for fourteen classes in various venues around the school. The feed back we received from staff was fabulous! Ms. Whelan and Mr. Z were very proud of our achievements! The whole experience has taught us many skills which we hope to pass onto other learning areas! By Anisa.

The Trick Shot Boys    Wheels Of Art

The Silent Shooters    The Salsa Squad

The Minecraft Masters     The Masked Dancers

The Ludicrous Magic Show     The Adjusters

Team Skitcraft     RC Madness

OSEAELGymnastics     Miku

EB Dancers     Contemporary Composers

Comedian Club     Blender

Comedian Club x2     4 Seconds Of Autumn