Our big message is that reading is a key to a lifetime of joy, articipation and adventure.  We love  our students to be passionate about reading  and we know that  if they are surrounded by  good literature, that’s even better.  We recommend you  check out the library blog to find out the  best children ‘s literature of 2015. Book Week is a reminder that the greatest reading gift you can give your child is your time.  We would love it if every parent were to set aside  time to read  to their child, read with their child, and listen to their child read.

Lighting up the library with our avid readers …IMG_3870

Making book purchase selections ...IMG_3937IMG_3935

Book Week Assembly:IMG_3964 IMG_3957 IMG_3955 IMG_3947 IMG_3942IMG_3968

Lantern Parade:IMG_0288 IMG_0312 IMG_0304 IMG_0177 IMG_0141 IMG_0134 IMG_0327