We wish to invite  all volunteers who helped with the  Working Bees to come along to a family  BBQ in the staff Courtyard from 6:00pm – 7:00 pm  on Tuesday  8 September.  We will put on the  snags, bread and the liquid refreshments!  Please bring a small salad to share.  

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As you can see  if you take a walk around the oval, lots has been accomplished by  our  very hardworking grounds committee and  wonderful staff and volunteers.  We thank all who came out  on Saturday to once again lend a hand.  a  highlight of these effort is the real passion that people feel for the project and  the pride we are all taking in creating something special for our students and the community.  We had lots of people helping over the past two weeks; giving up their time for the benefit of others. We love that and we know people don’t  do it for the recognition, but we do really, really want to thank you. As some said  during the working bees: its  a really good satisfying social activity too.

There were some marvellous extra efforts  and we do need to particularly thank Steve Smith and Andrew Smith for their giant commitment of time and effort.  Super extended efforts were  put in from the guys who worked til  nearly 4 pm on Saturday to get the fence done; Andrew who came back again on Sunday to  work on the curved top cut; Steve who moved soil with his bobcat during the  week; our  painters  who gave up time during the week to make a huge dent in completing two coasts on  almost 300 of our palings; some of our senior students who worked hard  on Friday to   move  rubble onto the path…

The path around the oval is now done and  we are almost finished with our mounds, for the time being. The curved top of the fence will be refined a bit and complete tomorrow and the final  sandstone colour ( a bit darker than  it is  now) will go on the fence.   Our next step is to  build the recycled timber gates, oil the big posts and gates, do some planting of creepers and  the indigenous plants.  Then we will be ready to start construction of the play spaces that will  make this a  magical  area for  children.

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