It’s great to see so many students bringing their iPads to school everyday. Using this technology in the classroom allows us the opportunity to explore learning in ways that we couldn’t before. An example of this is the way that some classrooms have turned some local learning into a collaborative learning experience with other classes from around Australia.

After watching ‘Behind the News’ (BTN) each week, students in Rooms 25 and 12 have been sharing their thoughts and questions around current eventsĀ using their class Twitter accounts. Reporters from the show have answered questions from the students and other classes from around the country have have become a part of the learning thats happening in these classrooms.

Because of this interaction, both of these classes have been invited by the television show to participate in a live video ‘ask the reporter’ session this Friday. Our Woodend classes will be two of a small number of Australian classrooms that have been invited to participate in this event. This will be a great opportunity for students to learn in a whole new way thanks to the technology they have available to them.