On Monday, Woodend had the pleasure of hosting Augie Tchantcho, whose insights and experiences left a lasting impression on our Musical Cast, Performance Team and Senior Choir. Augie, currently captivating audiences as Tina Turner’s father in ‘Tina Turner the Musical’ and with notable roles in productions like ‘The Book of Mormon,’ ‘The Colour Purple,’ and ‘The Lion King,’ generously shared his journey and expertise with our students.

Augie engaged our students in discussions about the nuances of performing onstage and the challenges he’s overcome, particularly as someone living with dyslexia. His ability to inspire, coupled with his genuine passion for the arts, resonated with our aspiring performers.

Augie’s visit was not just an opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional but also a chance to be inspired by someone who has navigated challenges with resilience. As our students continue to pursue their passions in the performing arts, Augie’s words and presence will undoubtedly remain a source of inspiration.

Augie’s singing was amazing; it made us all so happy and gave us goosebumps. He’s achieved so much despite his dyslexia, which is really inspiring.

We appreciate how he took the time to show us what he does best and help us with our performance. He reminded us to keep going, even if things go wrong on stage. His ability to learn his lines in just three weeks is incredible and encourages us to keep learning and improving.

Personally, it’s made some of us consider pursuing acting as a future career.

We really admire how Augie hasn’t let his challenges hold him back – we’ll definitely be looking out for him in future shows!

Joshua, Jackson & Charlotte