On Thursday May 9th, the Reception team travelled by bus to Wilfred Taylor Reserve in Morphett Vale. We participated in the “Walking Together With Kaurna” experience hosted by Liesl and Drew. We sat on Country and listened to Drew talk about different Aboriginal artefacts, heard about how they are made and what they are used for. He even showed us an old tree that had the markings from a shield that was cut from it. Drew explained that he cut out this shield from the tree with his Unlce. Drew shared artefacts with the children, including shields, spears, possum (pirlta) and red kangaroo (tarnta) skins, woven baskets, and “yukus”, wooden baskets that are used for a range of purposes. Children were able to look at and touch these artefacts. Drew taught us about the importance of taking care of Country, using the land to take care of us, and in return the respect that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have for Country by making sure they are always equally giving back to Country.

We then had a chance to draw Kaurna symbols, measure the old trees with ropes and go on a scavenger hunt along the creek. We found statues of a beehive, cockatoo, gecko, shield, huts or Wardli and a possum. We all enjoyed playing on the fabulous playground together in the beautiful sunshine. The highlight for most was, of course, the bus ride!

We would like to thank our excellent volunteer helpers for joining us on the day and for participating so enthusiastically in all our activities. It was an informative, engaging, and enjoyable experience for all.

The Reception Team

Keira Thewlis, Laura Smith, Jess Schmitt, Briony Bateson, Nikki Edwards, Katie Oxenberry, Lily Moran