Dear Woodend Families,

Beginning Monday Week 1 of Term 4, the following fees will apply to our OSHC service.

Before School Care:                      $20 per session

After School Care:                         $26 per session

Vacation Care/ Pupil Free Day: $65 per session

No Booking (walk in) Fee:  $15

This fee will apply to students who do not have a booking for that day and have not been included within our staffing ratios. Emergency bookings will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Duty of Care Fee: $10

This fee will apply to families who do not sign their student(s) in and out of OSHC.

To be clear: In the morning, you sign your student in, and OSHC staff sign them out at 8.30am. In the afternoon, OSHC staff sign them in at 3:05pm, and at pick up, you sign them out.

If you are unsure how to sign in/out, there are instructions at the sign out desk and staff are available to help. A QR code is available to scan, but if you do not have a device available, you can manually enter your email, phone number and pin. If someone else is picking up, there is an option on Xplor to add them as emergency contact.

Late Fee: $1 per minute per student

This fee will apply to families who do not collect their student(s) before the normal closing time for that day. This contributes to funding staff that work beyond their rostered hours.

All fees have been approved by the Woodend Primary School Governing Council and will commence on Monday Week 1 of Term 4.

Kind Regards,