We are super proud of our Canteen! This is why …

1. Recently, we had a surprise visit by the Health Inspector. The Canteen passed with flying colours, in fact with a 5 our of 5 star rating! We received a certificate that we can proudly hang on our wall

2.  Where possible, we make everything completely by hand within the Canteen. This way we can make each menu item as healthy as possible (shhhh … don’t tell the students there are lots of hidden vegetables inside 😂😂)

3. When aiming to.make food items by hand, we also try to keep our prices as low as possible for families

4. When cannot have such a successful Canteen without our volunteers. We would not be able to maintain this success without the help of our volunteers

When you can, please support our Canteen. We will continually review and change elements of our Canteen service so as to keep improving.  We appreciate you using our service and/or volunteering your help.


Canteen Manager