Advertising your business

Do you have a company or business you wish to advertise?

What does this involve?

Advertising your company or business will be in the form of a sign displayed on the eastern side of Woodend Primary School facing Young Street, Sheidow Park. The sign will promote your organisation as determined by you in consultation with our school.  The cost to advertise your organisation will go directly to supporting the Woodend Primary School Pedal Prix program.  The UniSA Australian HPV Super Series is staged by Australian International Pedal Prix Inc. and is a program where our Woodend team/s ‘Woodend Racing’ compete against other schools in South Australia in Human Powered Vehicles (HPV’s) on a closed controlled circuit.  This competition takes place at venues across the state. Your financial support allows our Woodend students to participate in this opportunity and to develop valuable life skills such as using initiative, showing teamwork and perseverance. Therefore, not only will you be receiving a valuable advertising space, but you will also be supporting the local community.

How many people will read my sign?

According to the DPTI Road Asset Management data, in 2015, approximately 26,000 motor vehicles travelled along Young Street each day. That is approximately 180,000 motor vehicles per week and over 9 million a year. With Woodend Primary School’s eastern side fence located on this strip of road, there is the potential for your organisation to receive significant exposure to the local community.

Advertising Information and Pricing

  • Fees and Finances – Lease fee: $1000 p.a. +GST (20% introductory discount, $800 + GST available until 31st May 2023)
  • Billed annually
  • Sign to be installed after payment of initial invoice
  • Receipting of funds to be performed by Woodend Primary School.

How it Works

  • Sign Supply and Management – Signs are to be limited to specifications of 1.8m x 1.2m
  • Customers (lessee) to purchase their signs and supply them to Woodend Primary School
  • The sign will remain the property of the lessees
  • The sign is to be delivered to the school from the lessee (or their printer).
  • Minor damage/graffiti is to be repaired by Woodend Racing and communicated with the customer
  • The sign is to be installed by Woodend Racing on the fence using a non-invasive approach (stainless steel cable ties), with no holes or damage to the sign or fence
  • The sign will be uninstalled and returned to the lessee if invoices are not paid by the due date.

How can I get more details?

If you are interested, or if you have any questions, please e-mail or phone Kerri in the office on (08) 8322 6422 for more information. You will be advised about which panels are available, and you can receive a quote for the cost of a panel space, based on your advertising time frame.