On Tuesday evening we welcomed 23 students and 4 staff members from Myojo Gakuen, our sister school in Tokyo, Japan.

After waiting 3 years, it was so wonderful to see the joy on the faces of both our students and Myojo students.

On Wednesday we had a Welcome Assembly for our visitors.  This year is our 14th year of association with Myojo  and we enjoyed reacquainting with Daisuke, Cameron and Misa, three Myojo teachers and welcomed for the first time Myojo Principal, Mr Shinya Terui.  We were introduced to each student, 23 in all, which is the largest group of students to visit us.

Students have settled well into their host classrooms. Myojo students are paired up and join a Year 3-6 class during their time at Woodend over the next 9 days.

Myojo students will enjoy some “Aussie” sports for Harmony Day and be part of the Central Market excursion on Tuesday with the Yr 5/6 and 6 classes.

We trust they will enjoy their time with us here at Woodend and with their host families.

Students from Rm 28 being taught by Hinano and making cherry blossom origami

Kaoru and Kio teaching Rm 29 how to fold a paper popper using newspaper

Chopstick games with Sohei, Rina and Ruka in Rm 27

Thank you to our host families, for if it wasn’t for you we couldn’t run this wonderful programme.