Dear Parents and caregivers,

We are finally getting the swing of things in Xplor! whoop! I just have a few announcements that need be addressed your end. There are a-lot of CCS / CWA subsidy approvals that need to be approved your end either on my gov or the home Xplor app. (if you need help call me) If this is not done then you will not get the subsidy.

Also beginning this year, we have decided to remove the direct debit option for payment through OSHC.  The best way to pay will be through QKR or by calling the front office.  If you are still wanting to have a direct debit the school is happy for you to arrange this with them via the school’s finance team.

General Information

  • Xplor APP – If you are still having trouble with the app, please call Xplor support on
  • 03 86521963, as they can get to the core of the problem and get it fixed a lot quicker.
  • Email- there are still a few old Qik kids’ parents I don’t have emails for so please send them through to me.
  • New parents – you will need to enrol on the school website under the OSHC tab.
  • For Cancellations/Absences there is no charge if made outside of 48 hours of the booking. These are time stamped on XPlor.
  • Vacation Care Program and Booking will open on Tuesday 14th March: (Week 7 of term one)
  • Pupil Free Days – I will open bookings for these two weeks before the date. Pupil Free Days dates will be advertised soon via the school News Blog and Seesaw.
  • Casual booking- these can be done on the app.
  • Permanent booking for the term or even the full year can happen at any time. Please let me know if you want to make permanent bookings.
  • Term 2 Week 1 (1st May) We will be starting a ‘Walk In’ (Booking fee applicable) for both BSC and ASC. This covers any child who arrives at OSHC without a prior booking being made.

Again, thank you for your patience, if you have any questions at all please call or email me 🙂


Warm Regards Emilie Rogers OSHC