Today, as a school, we gathered to show our respect to all those who have served in the war, particularly those members of our school community who have served their country in times of war and those who have family members who have served.  We also acknowledged those who have lost their lives during times of war. Our student presenters shared the significance of the day, date and time, facts about Australia’s involvement in the wars and war memorials, the reason for poppies, the laying of the wreath, reciting The Ode, sounding the Last Post, One Minute’s Silence and the Rouse.  Students conducted each of these traditions as they were explained – laying a wreath, raising our flags that were half mast to the masthead, wearing our poppies, listening to the choir sing Flanders Fields and observing one minute’s silence.

Thank you to: Indigo, Ava, Alex, Emily, Harri, Ennis, Jack, Georgia, Malaika and the choir for presenting today.

Students shared how they felt about the ceremony and/or Remembrance Day:

‘I felt the ceremony was very cool because I liked how we all wore our poppies.  I liked making the poppies.  Remembrance Day is when you remember and acknowledge the people who used their lives to save us.  They went to war and fought in the war to protect Australia.’ James E.

‘I felt very sad because my Grandpa was in the war and that there were lots of people being killed.’ Jack T

‘I’m feeling lucky because our country has not been involved in war recently.’ Ethan T

‘I felt thankful that all the Australian soldiers fought for our country.’ Alexis

‘The ceremony made me sad because it is remembering about the people who fought for our country and I’m thankful for that because I may not have been here.’  Flynn