Last year, we had nearly 100 students learning a musical instrument at Woodend. Opportunities are now available for 2020.

This year we have our band program which offers free weekly lessons for student in years 5, 6 and 7. This comes with a cost of instrument hire and is taught by music teachers from the Department for Education Instrumental Music Service.

Please read the information about this program below. Registration forms are available through the front office.


Jarrod Lamshed


Information from the Department for Education Instrumental Music Service:

Your child has the opportunity to begin FREE Instrumental Music Lessons. There are vacancies for students who would like to learn – Trombone, Tuba, Trumpet, French Horn, Flute, Saxophone or Clarinet. Demonstration and Selection sessions were held last year to enable students to make an informed decision about which instrument they would like to learn and also give Instrumental Teachers an opportunity to suggest instrument suitability. The testing process will continue over the next weeks and some places are still available.

Learning a musical instrument has many benefits.  As well as specific musical skills students learn:

study habits such as time management, problem solving and perseverance

teamwork skills including interdependence, peer mentoring and student leadership

personal development skills like self discipline, identity, confidence and resilience.

Music also elicits emotional responses and stimulates the brain in ways that are different to any other activity.  Learning to play an instrument can have significant positive effects including:

  • Stress reduction
  • Fostering creativity
  • Stimulating imagination and thinking skills
  • Stimulating fine motor skills
  • speaking and language development
  • Focussing and aligning energy as a group

When? Lessons begin in week 3 of term 1, 2020.   Students attend lessons for half an hour each week.   Later in the year we will be forming the beginner band in preparation for performances for school and families.

Where?  At Woodend PS, during school time.

What do I do? Discuss the idea of learning an instrument with your child. Include in the discussion these main points:

  • A flexible attitude to instrument choice; to ensure a successful School Band Program it is vital that there is a balance of instruments, therefore numbers on each instrument will be capped and some students will be offered their 2nd or 3rd
  • The need to practice.
  • Commitment for the whole year
  • How much fun it will be!


What is the cost? Lessons are free, BUT you will need to borrow, buy or hire an instrument – your school can help you with this.  You will also need to buy a tutor book, and consumables such as reeds or valve oil.  

  • Your school can hire an IMS Instrument at a cost is $180pa, or you can source your own instrument
  • The tutor book is borrowed from the library

Your Commitment.  Once your child has started it is expected that they will attend all lessons, continue for the whole year, and practice at home!

More Questions? If you have questions you are welcome to talk to a student musician from your school. We also have a link on the Brighton Secondary School Music website – – click the Beachfront Hub link in the top right corner. We hope that the Instrumental Music Service can help your child make an informed choice about learning an instrument. The students we currently teach love the experience. Please feel free to contact me on my mobile or email.


Sue Asser

Instrumental Music Teacher

Mob – 0400 570 089

Email –