Important Parking Note:  Please do not park on any part of the school grounds or the bunting area for the fire truck. Adherence to these restrictions will ensure we have enough safety clearance to go ahead with the fireworks.


5:30 pm:      Welcome

6:25 pm:      Student Performances Commence

6:25 pm:      Friday Rock Band

6:35 pm:      Thursday Rock Band

6:50 pm:      Josh’s Piano Performance

6:55 pm       Rooms 1 & 2 (Mrs Maurin & Mrs Guinan) Recorder Performance

7:00 pm:      Rooms 7 & 8 Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (Mrs Palmer & Miss Bolt)

7:05 pm:      Rooms 20 & 23 Saved by the Bell (Ms Gabriel-Smith, Mrs Edwards & Mr Saffin)

7:10 pm:      Room 22 Holiday Mash Up (Miss Yardley)

7:15 pm:      Room 27 Uptown Funk (Miss Messecke)

7:20 pm:      Room 18 The Dancing Christmas Tree (Miss Toubia & Mrs Luke)

7:25 pm:      Room 21 Santa Claus is Coming to Town(Miss Goudie)

7:30 pm:       Room 3 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Better When I’m Dancing (Mrs Oxenberry)

7:40 pm:      Room 5 & 6 Deck the Rooftops (Mrs Ogilvie, Mrs Harris & Mrs Gallagher)

7:50 pm:      Rooms 1 & 2 Schools Out for Summer (Mrs Maurin & Mrs Guinan)

7:55 pm:      Rooms 9 & 10 Not a Christmas Carol (Mr Brown & Mrs Sheppard)

8:00 pm:      Jump Team

8:05 pm:      Room 30 Jingle Bell Rock (Ms Green & Miss Reid)

8:10 pm:      Room 4 Magic of Christmas (Mrs Klinkert & Miss Boys)

8:15 pm:      Junior & Senior Choir – We Need a Little Christmas, This Is Me

8:25 pm       Room 24 Little Drummer Boy (Miss Murphy)

8:30 pm       Mylie’s Dance Group

8:35 pm       Billie & Charlotte’s Dance Group Room 24 (Miss Murphy)

8:40 pm       Jess, Abby & Jessalyn

8:50 pm       Staff –The Greatest Showman

9:00 pm:      Fireworks

  • Once again we have a tree for food and toy donations and this year they will be given to Anglicare / RSPCA/ Junction Australia and St. Vincent de Paul for distribution, so all donations can be dropped to the school office from now on until Friday, 14 December. Thank you to those who have already done so.


Parents Please Note: 

We are requesting that all children remain on the grassed area and under the supervision of their parents. People are not to go beyond (west of) the bunting at the middle of the oval & school grounds are also out of bounds. Toilets will be open all along the back area of the classrooms. Access to this event is only via the school oval as all the gates will be locked for security reasons. Because of the very large number of people who attend this event, including non-school community members, we have once again this year organized some security to protect our school buildings and spaces.