What a fantastic experience for 15 of our Year 6/7 students!

We left Adelaide on Saturday, September 8th with a group of excited students. Arriving in Japan at 5.30 in the morning and being greeted by hot, humid weather, we started our Japanese adventure. It took us a bit to become use to the humidity but the excitement and new experiences soon made us forget about this!

All of the students were staying with a Myojo family. Some of our students were back staying with the student they hosted this year in March when Myojo were at Woodend. What a fantastic opportunity to build on these great relationships. Everyone settled in well to their families and Japanese life.

Students attended school every day and were part of a Year 4, 5 or 6 class. During this time all of students had the opportunity to see the preparation of Myojo’s Sports Day which was being held the week after we left. It was great to see our students participating and learning routines and dances. Another new experience for them.

Students had worked very hard in the lead up to us going and had prepared and practiced a lesson they had to deliver in Japanese about Australia to their class. Each group were well prepared and made a great impression to their class.

One of the highlights was our 2 day, 1 night camp to Hakone, a beautiful area, near Mt Fuji. This was an experience for just our students and they all had a fabulous time. We stayed in a traditional Japanese style hotel called a ryokan. The students enjoyed a traditional Japanese meal while wearing their yukata and sitting on the floor as well as sleeping on tatami on their futon. What an experience!


Some other highlights were seeing the Myojo students taiko drumming group perform, students making their own tie dyed bandana using traditional indigo ink and visiting Ghibli museum just to name a few.

We enjoyed a fantastic Farewell Assembly where all our students performed for the Myojo students, staff and host parents. Again, the students had put in many hours of practice in the lead up and this was evident with their wonderful performances.

Our 2 weeks in Japan went by so fast!  The experiences that the students have had, which would not have been possible without the wonderful host families, and the memories that they have made will last them a life time.

We look forward to continuing this fabulous program and returning to Myojo again in 2020.