img_9602We  had a fabulous science week, which culminated with a wonderful Science Expo.  We were all enthralled by the hundreds of science  projects, posters, models, investigations that were on display.  Congratulations to families for all the wonderful engagement in learning that must have gone on  to create this fantastic array of impressive efforts.  It was a great thrill to see students  huddled around  the display items, curious to explore, excited to share;  a myriad of ideas  inspiring to us all to create something, learn something.  We wish to thank families for really getting into the spirit of the Expo and helping  us enjoy  something awesome.  When we talk about parents engaged in their child’s  learning, we know that starts with spending time together, enjoying learning and creating. The Expo highlighted some real passion for science and  investigating and we hope that there is momentum for more!

img_9604 img_9606We look forward to doing it again, having an evening opportunity and maybe having it over two or three days. Imagine an Arts Expo…could be another way to  joyously celebrate learning together.

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