Being an SRC member is a very important  and valued role in our school. The main role of our SRC is to focus on improvements  in learning.  

To do that we will:

  • spend time  on the personal development of  all SRC members 
  • work with all SRC reps to better understand how to help each other  to be better learners
  • apply democratic decision making and communication processes 

Broad Aims for  SRC in 2016:

  • we want to help SRC reps to strongly model, in their classrooms, good listening for understanding
  • we  want  SRC reps, particularly Yrs 5-7, to be able to strongly influence  democratic decision making and communication in their classrooms
  • we want SRC to be about helping students have more influence on how their peers think about learning
  • we want to improve our SRC blog so that students can use it as an interactive and engaging  place to grow ideas and interests and express their views.
  • we want to improve the profile of SRC so that all students see that leaders in learning deserve as much credit and profile as sporting leaders.

Goals for 2016

  • All SRC members are able to ask questions about anything they are learning and give feedback to teachers about their learning.
  • All SRC members understand how to identify and better manage impulses that get in the way of powerful learning.
  • All  SRC members are able to  record their ideas and retrieve them  for later use.

SRC members have been invited to present at our AGM  on Wednesday 23 March.

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