This year we are once again very excited about helping our students meet the learning challenges ahead.  You’ll hear us talking about more about developing Powerful Learners; an important element of our Learning Improvement Plan. We are determined to make some strong ground towards our students doing more of the thinking and achieving at levels that represent real improvements in their learning.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.51.00 pm Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.49.07 pmWe know that powerful learners need to be able to  struggle through challenges and not give up easily or accept lower quality outcomes.  Unfortunately many of our students see the struggle as a negative. Some even think that having to struggle means you’re not smart.  Many have fixed mindsets about their abilities; “I’m not go at Maths!’ or ” I can’t draw!”

We want to work on changing  this thinking.  Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.50.23 pmWe know that powerful learners have growth mindsets. They understand that they can be more intelligent if they put in the effort.  We know that powerful learners are  focussed on how we solve problems and how we go about thinking rather than about getting quick answers to low level learning.  We know powerful learners love challenges; the tougher, the better.  We know they are curious and ask lots  of questions.   Powerful learners know how to change pace and adapt to different situations in different ways.

We know that powerful learners are self motivated.  We know they are able to work independently and also collaboratively. Powerful learners help each other learn. Powerful learners are able to be creative  and access more of their ideas.

For 2016 to be a year of more powerful learning  and closer alignment with our vision, we need strong team efforts from staff, students and also from parents. Our family engagement strategy is about  parents understanding more about how to develop powerful learners so that they might have a  more effective influence on  their child’s learning.  We encourage all parents to inquire into how teachers are  working to develop powerful learners; read more; do more with your children; keep informed via our digital spaces; network more with other parents; contribute more to  our  collective learning so that we might make this the most effective year so far in the life of our school.