Meet our teachers: Aimee Lipczyk (Yr 6/7), Sarah Vinall (Japanese)

Konnichiwa! Hello I’m Sarah (pictured above). Some of you may have heard me called Vinall sensei if I am teaching your child Japanese this year here at Woodend.  I have been studying and teaching Japanese for many years and have visited the wonderful country 8 times. I look forward to sharing many of my experiences with Woodend students. I am also looking forward to being involved in the many great Japanese related activities Woodend offers to its students.

Fell free to pop into the Japanese Room in the atrium​ (Rm 22) and  say konnichiwa any time.

,,, Aimee

As an educator, I am committed to the social and academic growth of the young people I work with. I believe that classroom programs must be relevant and meaningful, designed in a way that supports students to make connections with the real world application of their learning. 
In our classroom there is a focus on students understanding how learning happens, encouraging young people to set goals, take supported risks, and make choices about the direction of their learning. We focus on developing a sense of community that exists within and beyond our walls where mutual respect among all community members is the key. 
To say I am excited be a part of the Woodend community would be an understatement. I look forward to sharing your childrens’ journey with you in 2015 and beyond!  Aimee Lipczyk