On Thursday the 21st of September, a talented and dedicated group of year 4, 5 and 6 students took to the big stage at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to participate in “Schools Challenge Australia” (previously Rock Eisteddfod). The students performed with precision, and enthusiasm and with the biggest smiles on their faces. We are so incredibly proud of them all. We had glowing feedback from the judges during the day, and on the night with positive comments reflecting our timing, choreography, music, stage presence, and energy. The judges were amazed that we were a primary school! On the night, we were awarded the overall winner for the ‘entertainment’ category. We also had honourable mentions for props/costuming and teamwork. 9 teams performed various items on the night; we were one of two primary schools going up against high school performing arts programs and dance schools. Afterwards, the event organisers commented that Woodend was a ‘standout’ and a ‘highlight’ of the night. Cosi was the host and the students enjoyed meeting him and participating in an amp-up session, even making the Channel 7 news! We had a large cheer squad of parents, family members, school community members and teachers… we were confirmed the loudest supporters there!

The Woodend Performance Team have worked extremely hard since the middle of term 1. Students had to go through an audition process this year due to the large amount of interest. The building works added some extra challenges this year, with rehearsals taking place offsite at Hallett Cove South Primary School Hall, every week after school. Our dress rehearsal was the first time students had the opportunity to perform to the full stage dimensions after rehearsing in a smaller space. The student’s ability to be flexible and adapt to new spaces is to be commended. The commitment by the students and families has been outstanding!

Thank you to teachers, Kellie Najjar, Jess Coster and Vicki Gregory, who volunteered a significant number of extra hours and expertise to give our Woodend students this incredible opportunity. Thank you also to Taya, Taylor and Georgia, our high school apprentices, who have assisted throughout the entire process. A thank you to Mel, Elise and Anna, our parent volunteers who supported with supervision, hair and makeup on the day.

Our leading teachers and apprentices are extremely proud of the way in which students worked hard to learn new skills, supported one another and developed a stage presence.

The School’s Challenge is in its inaugural year and Woodend is now considered a foundation school giving us priority to participate in future years. With 90 schools that have now expressed interest in School’s Challenge, we can’t wait to perform again next year!

Keep your eyes peeled for information on a community viewing of our performance to open our new gym next term. Expressions of interest will come out early next year for the 2024 team.


Be Bold, Be Different, Be You!
In a world where conformity prevails, three children find happiness in playing various sports and games together, relishing the freedom to pursue what brings them joy. However, societal pressure from friends and sporting groups compels them to conform and restricts their exploration of different activities, leaving them feeling isolated. Despite repeated attempts to break free, they are pushed away, struggling to find a sense of belonging. Eventually, the realization dawns upon their peers that embracing new experiences collectively could lead to an incredible journey filled with love and fulfilment.  


Please enjoy some photos from our dress rehearsal (prior to hair and makeup. We certainly have some talented performers at Woodend!