We  love it when our students put in tremendous effort and strive for excellence and we saw this during the competition.

Today our school took part in the annual Hiragana Reading Competition, held at Reynella East College.

We took 2 teams of 4 to represent our school. It was a highly sought after position and after lunch time try outs the 2 teams were chosen.

Along with 27 other teams, our 2 teams,  Woodend Maneki nekos (lucky cats) and Woodend tanukis (racoons), competed in the first round where students have to read single hiragana characters. Judging of these rounds was full of pressure as the students were very competitive.

Our teams were extremely competitive and held their own but unfortunately, with such strong competition this year, we didn’t make it through to the finals.

Eva, Leni, Lizzy, Hogan, Charlie, Ollie, Adilyn and Esme were excellent representatives for Woodend and can hold their heads high for being strong, positive, encouraging competitors.

minasan yoku dekimashita

みなさん よくできました。