On Saturday the 16th of September, 44 of our students performed on stage at the Adelaide Festival Theatre as part of the Public Primary Schools Festival of Music.

Our school was also represented by Alexis C who is part of the Festival troupe.

The Primary Schools Festival of Music, an official state icon, and custodian of an iconic South Australian tradition, engages our students in artistic excellence, cultural diversity and social inclusion through performance in Music and the Arts.

This year, Paul Jarman was commissioned to compose a set of four songs entitled “World of Tomorrow”.

In this rapidly evolving modern world, it is hard to imagine that less than two hundred years ago there was no electricity, no running water or central heating and cooling. We lived without antibiotics and medicines. Cars, trucks, buses and planes were not yet invented. There were no telephones, let alone smart phones.

While most of these differences have improved our lives, some haven’t. Many of these differences are greatly influencing our lives. Are we heading the right way?

The technology challenges of our changing world form the theme of the four-part song cycle for the 2023 Festival of Music, “World of Tomorrow”.

During the concerts there were a number of Guest Artists from public primary and secondary schools, other choir items that presented different musical genre, and two pieces that specifically showcased the talents of the orchestra.

It was a spectacular event that our students and staff enjoyed being a part of. We look forward to seeing our choir perform again as part of end of year celebrations.

We wish to say a big thank you to Regi, Julie and Mrs Coster for their hard work with the choir this year, as well as all the staff and parents who have provided support along the way.