Welcome to Visual Arts for 2023. I am very much looking forward to providing your child with a range of experiences in this creative learning area of the Australian Curriculum.

Learning in Visual Arts involves students making and responding to artworks, using their personal experiences as a source of ideas. Students will develop skills, techniques and processes and use materials, as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts. They will work using colour, line, shape, form and texture.

Through Visual Arts, students learn to reflect on their own experiences and respond to the work of artists, craftspeople and designers.

Making in Visual Arts involves students making representations of their ideas. They develop knowledge, understanding and skills as they learn and apply techniques and processes using materials to achieve their intentions in drawing, printing and painting and sculpting.

Responding in Visual Arts involves students responding to their own artworks and being audience members as they view, manipulate, reflect on, analyse, enjoy, appreciate and evaluate their own and others’ visual artworks.

This week, we have drawn and painted self-portraits using a range of arts materials, focussing on line, shape and colour.

We will begin the year working in the kitchen area, so please feel free to drop by and say hello. Most of our artworks will be displayed in the classrooms or brought home for you to enjoy.

It’s been a great start to the year so far in Visual Arts!

Vicki Gregory