It is time to thank and farewell our Student Voice in Learning (SVIL) team.  This group of students have shown enthusiasm and a willingness to make a difference to learning across the school.  Their ‘theory of choice’ has been:

We want to prove that if students at Woodend Primary School embrace a growth mindset, they are more likely to go into the learning pit.  As a result, students will unlock  stretch thinking and accept challenge and go into the learning pit.

They have developed this theory of change based on the data they collected at the beginning of this year and have sought to assist students to:

  • learn more about these concepts
  • model a growth mindset and embrace stretch thinking themselves
  • conduct observations and provide feedback to classes undertaking stretch thinking tasks
  • teach others about stretch thinking, growth mindset and learning pit

The team have been active participants – sharing their opinions and ideas, solving problems and critically thinking about the difference they can make during 2022.

Thank you to the 2022 team:

Brock R

Alyssa M

Emily S

Erynne D

Eva C

Jackson H

Alexis P

More recently, the team have undertaken the process for determining the 2023 SVIL team.  From a healthy number of applications, the team were able to determine suitable candidates.

We congratulate:

Brock R (reapplied)

Alyssa M (reapplied)

Emily S (reapplied)

Ollie C

Keira A

Sophie P

Stella M

Cleo P

Alexis C

Jacqui P

who will form our 2023 SVIL team.  Congratulations to these students.