A Casual Clothes Day has been organised for Wednesday the 7th of December (Week 8) to help raise money for the fireworks for our End-Of-Year Celebration Night.

We love having the fireworks to celebrate with our Woodend Community. Each year we try to fund the majority of the cost through an SRC fundraiser. You can support us by encouraging your child to wear appropriate and sun safe clothes to school on this day and sending along a $2.00 donation.

On our celebration night, in order to conduct the fireworks we will need to do the following:

  • Everyone will need to be 50 metres east  of the cricket pitch before the fireworks may begin. To do this we will finish our performances and then give everyone  10 minutes to move back away from the cricket pitch – this will take us all back in line with the oval sand play area and the stage. It’s therefore likely people will also be on the basket ball court.
  • Please do not park in front of the Edward Beck Drive Oval gateway (next to the wavy  fence) as we need it clear for access by the fire brigade.