It is nearly time for our Colour Run event: Friday 28 October on the School Oval. Here is some important information about the event:



11:05 = year 5/6 – rooms 17, 27, 28, 29

11:30 = year 4 & 4/5 classes – rooms 1, 2, 9, 10

11:55 = year 3/4 classes – rooms 16, 19, 25

12:20 = rooms 11 (R), 24 (2), 30 (2), 6 (2)

Lunch 12:45-1:25

1:30 = rooms 4 (R), 7 (1), 21 (1), 5 (1)

1:55 = rooms 12 (R), 3 (R), 22 (2), 8 (2)

2:30 = slime teachers – oval stage

Dismissal 3:05

NOTE: this timetable is approximate, (we may end up running faster or slower than these times) and is subject to change. If a change needs to be made, this timetable will be updated accordingly.

What to bring:

We would like students to come to school on the day ready to run in a white T shirt and regular school bottoms, socks, shoes. A white T shirt is the best to show off the colour! Your child may also wish to wear an undershirt. Please bring an old towel sit on after the run (students remain in their colour run clothes and do not change after the run.)

Adult volunteers will be spraying the colour powder and will be aiming below the neck. However, if you would like your child to wear goggles or sunglasses they are more than welcome.

Please Note:

If children come to school in their uniform they will not be able to participate in the run.

R-2 classes are swimming on colour run day and doing thr Colour Run after they swim. These students can change into their white T shirt after swimming.

Any parents who wish to take their children home early must sign out at the front office.

If you are coming to watch your children do the Colour Run, please watch from the designated viewing area in the centre of the oval, and please be careful crossing into the centre of the oval as children will be running and doing obstacles around the outside of the oval.


Can all children participate?
This event is the major fundraiser for our school so we did ask all children to participate in fundraising. However, even if children were unable to raise funds they are still welcome to participate in the colour run event.

Is the colour safe?
The colour powder is 98% cornstarch and 2% food grade dye. It will be squirted on children’s T-shirts, from the neck down, by adults, using tomato sauce type squirt bottles. If you have any concerns at all about safety, children are welcome to wear swimming goggles or sunglasses as eye protection and/or bandanas or scarves around their noses & mouths. If you have specific concerns about your child and their health needs, please talk to your child’s teacher.

What if my child needs to opt out?
If children wish to not be squirted with colour, due to concerns of asthma or allergies or any other reason, they can bypass the colour stations and will not be squirted. Children who do not wish to be squirted may choose to wear a bright coloured Tshirt (instead of a white one) as a way to still be colourful on the day and to signal that they do not wish to be in contact with the powder. Some students may find they prefer to turn their back when the colour is squirted to avoid the spray going near their face. We found in the past that some students started out the run a bit hesitant or careful, turning to get squirted on their back, but by the end of the run they loved getting squirted and were no longer hesitant.

Will the colour stain?
As the colour contains food dye it can stain light hair/skin. Washing skin as soon as possible can help prevent staining. From past runs, we have found that the powder used is washable and shouldn’t stain clothes – even the white T shirt will wash completely clean – but it can stain things like a rubber watchband or the rubber on shoes. We do recommend old clothes, shoes, socks on this day if you are concerned about stains. We ask that children bring an old towel to sit on in class after they have finished the run – and this will help protect your car from the colour at the end of the day!

Can you preserve the colour run T shirt?

We have had students try this in the past with various techniques found online (e.g. soaking in a vinegar solution) but haven’t heard of a fool proof way to permanently preserve the colour run T shirt after the run. Washing the white T shirt as normal will definitely wash away the colour so you may wish to leave the shirt alone and save it as it is.

What about hats?
Students are expected to have their school hat to wear out on the oval while waiting their turn for the course, but can take their hat off while doing the Colour Run.

How far do children have to run?
The Colour Run will actually be a short run around the oval followed by a series of obstacles which will include: climbing, crawling, jumping, throwing, sliding, balancing, and more! The colour stations will be spread throughout the course so that children get multiple squirts of colour.

Will there be water?
Children will be sprayed with water at the beginning of the run (this helps the colour stick to Tshirts and keeps everyone cool if it is a hot day. Plus it is FUN!) There is a waterslide hill at the end of the course (we recommend that students go down the slide on their bottom, so that they don’t muddy their colourful Tshirt.) As white Tshirts become translucent when wet, some students may wish to wear an undershirt as well.

What is the plan for bad weather?
The colour Run will go ahead regardless of weather, unless we determine that it is unsafe to do so.

When will prizes be delivered?
We are hoping to hand out prizes on the day of the colour run, but this is dependant on receiving the prizes in time.

Will parents get to do the Colour Run?

Unfortunately we are not able to include a parents run this year. With the addition of the “sliming” to the event we have run out of time in our timetable. Parents are welcome to watch their children do the Colour Run as well as watch the staff get slimed by teachers at the end of the day.