”A beautifully danced piece about natural disaster and caring for others brought to life effectively through audiovisuals, stagecraft and the use of reportage and montage.” by Amanda Phillips & Alix Kuijpers

To all staff and students involved, particularly Mrs Najjar, Miss Ottewell and Ms Gregory, thank you for using your skills and creativity to bring this story to life. From the support of parents to former Woodend student volunteers, it takes a community to make our participation in this program possible.

The feedback is in and we are so proud of our WPS Wakakirri team. Our Story-Dance has been nominated for the National Festival Environmental Story Award!

Remember to keep an eye out for news about future Wakakirri opportunities, with early registration of interest usually taking place in term 4 before ‘Come and Try sessions early in term 1 of performance year.

Woodend Primary School for their Story-Dance titled Rise Up. We Help and Heal Together.

This production realised the theme successfully and connected elements of the story arc with impactful reportage and montage  – both projected on screen and through imagery on stage. The wave of activity, energy, and use of material as scenery was infectious and the positivity and performance rapport within the ensemble was noted. There were some stunning dance and choreographic aspects with use of levels and lifts being incorporated. The duo, trio and clusters of group choreography were clean and utilised the stage well. Overall the performance was well structured, had a strong use of staging elements and allowed the entire cast to shine and share in the positive vibes at the crescendo. Excellent costuming and make-up also added to the powerful storytelling. Congratulations to all involved.         – Amanda Phillips, Head Panellist

Performance and Production awards:

  • Excellent group dance
  • Excellent solo dance
  • Excellent ensemble
  • Excellent set movement and staging
  • Excellent staging – combination of all aspects