Planning for mid-year intake in preschools in 2023 has progressed during the break and I can advise that the registration of interest process for mid-year intake into preschool in 2023 commences from Term 3 2022.

Mid-year intake in preschools:

Mid-year intake will commence in preschools in 2023.

Children born on or
before 30 April
Commence preschool
in term 1
Complete terms 1-4
(of same year)
Children born between
1 May and 31 October
Commence preschool
in term 3 (mid-year)
Complete terms 3 and 4 and
terms 1 and 2 of following year

What families need to do:

This means families can register their interest now in enrolling in their local preschool to start in term 3 2023.
They can do this via the registration of interest form on the department’s website.

Note: Mid-year intake in schools does not start until 2024

In 2024 this will flow on to schools with children starting reception in in term 1 or term 3.

Term 1 students in primary school will complete 4 terms of reception and term 3 students in primary school will complete 6 terms of reception.



Steve Freeman