Our traffic monitors and teachers have recently reported concerns about safety at our crossings. There have been incidents where cars have driven through the crossings when the stop signs are up, due to inattention. While we know that some of these drivers are not connected to our school, in order to help ensure the ongoing safety of our children and families, we ask that all drivers take care and pay close attention.

Crossing Procedure

Crossing monitors look for a break in the traffic, blow the whistle and put the signs out. They then check that all cars are stopping. Please remind your children that they must wait and not cross until the whistle monitor has checked it is safe to do so.

Modelling Safe Behaviour – Use of Crossing by Children and Adults 

We have also been aware of occasions where children and adults have crossed the road away from the crossing. Legally it is stated that “a pedestrian must not cross a road within 20 metres of a crossing on the road, except at the crossing or another crossing”.

Modelling safe behaviour when crossing the road is essential in developing safe practices by children. Hence we ask that to ensure safety for children, that all children (and adults), cross at the designated crossings on Young Street and/or Edward Beck Drive.