We were very thankful for the work of our Student Voice In Learning (SVIL) teams this year.  Both the project and school teams worked together to make an impact across classes encouraging teachers and students to plan for and embrace stretch thinking.  Throughout the year, SVIL students:

  • attended workshops
  • ran workshops in the areas of ‘stretch thinking’, ‘growth mindset’ and ‘learning pit’
  • observed and recorded students engaging in stretch thinking
  • collated their recordings
  • determined and shared their feedback to the students using their recordings
  • conducted ‘check-ins’ to see whether their feedback had been enacted
  • shared their school’s journey with students from other local schools and with Governing Council members and teachers

We have encouraged those students who are leaving for high school, to continue to use the skillsets they have developed from SVIL in their new setting in order to make a difference.

As a small thank you and congratulations to our 2021 teams, we had a small celebration and awarded certificates.  Applications for the 2022 teams culminated with the new 2022 SVIL Project Team being announced at last week’s school Assembly.  Congratulations to:

  • Brock R
  • Erynne D
  • Eva C
  • Emily S
  • Jackson H
  • Roxy F
  • Alyssa M
  • Alexis P

The SVIL School Team will be announced early in 2022.  We look forward to working with this new team in the coming year.