What we did.
In week 8, rooms 1 and 2 had a lego animation workshop with GooRoo Animation. We started off looking at all different kinds of animations from lego, to clay to drawing and more. We learnt how to use the app Stop Motion Studio and how to create smooth stop motion videos. In groups throughout the day, everyone created their own video. We used a paid version so we could also access titles and sounds, there is a free version of this app though where you can have fun creating your own stop motions with out the music or titles.

The skills we learnt.
In the lesson that we had, we learnt how to use & do a lot of fascinating things. Lots of people enjoyed learning how to use the stop motion app (Stop Motion Studios). We all loved learning that small steps make it look smoother than bigger steps. We experimented with the speed, titles, music & sound effects. We got to work in groups and we worked together to create our movies.

Our favourite part of the experience.
Eva – I liked editing the video after we had taken all the photos.
Kyara – I liked seeing what everyone else had created at the end of the lesson.
Alexis – My favourite part of the lesson was learning how long it takes & how many pictures it takes to make one stop motion animation film.
Quinn – I learnt how to use the stop motion app.
Jack – It was fun to play with Lego to create a movie.
Hunter – We got to be creative with Lego and create something new by telling a story.

As well as getting to watch one another’s videos at the end of the workshop they also were uploaded to youtube so we could share our creative masterpieces with family and friends. The playlists for rooms 1 and 2 are listed below. Enjoy 🙂

Room 1 Videos

Room 2 Videos

Written by Alexis, Eva and Kyara from Room 1.