Welcome back to term 4.  Trusting everyone enjoyed some time away from the routine of school.  Many children have eagerly shared their time on STEAM investigations, camping, travelling or spending time with friends. It is obvious that students have returned eager to learn and teachers are passionate about providing a strong learning program. It will be a busy and exciting time for everyone at Woodend.


The term has begun with our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) focus. Thanks to the STEAM Week committee who have organised engaging incursions for students, to classroom teachers who are involving students in STEAM challenges in class and to families who have engaged in STEAM investigations during the holidays. STEAM week will culminate in our Annual Expo.

  • All classes will be involved in an investigation to solve a real world problem and share this with their peers and/or buddies at the Expo. We have visiting Tall Poppy Scientists, Lecturers and Science teachers in years 3-7 classes throughout the week. Their fields range from Hydrology to Gut Bacteria. Special activities, lunch time programs and STEAM experiences will be happening throughout the week
  • Arts Showcase – our virtual showcase of our special interest Arts programs will be streamed from 7pm on Tuesday 12/10/21 (virtual event).  See our Newsblog or School Facebook page
  • Virtual Online Gallery – take a look to see if your child features on our gallery!
  • Nude Food Day is on Thursday 14/10/21
  • STEAM Week Expo is on Friday 15/10/21 – this is an opportunity for students to share their family projects or investigations with their class

For extra ideas and reminders relating to all things STEAM Week, follow the Facebook Event:

STEAM Week @ Woodend Primary School‘.

Term 4

This nine week term is a busy one! Please see a list of current diary dates below. We are looking forward to a productive final term for 2021.

Diary Dates:

Room 9, 10 and Room 19 year 4 students camp at Aldinga Beach (week )

STEAM Week: Food different by design – (week 1)

Nude Food Day: Thursday 14 October – (week 1)

STEAM Expo: Friday 15 October – (week 1)

R-2 Water Safety Program:  Monday 18 – Friday 22 October (week 2)

Room 26 and 28 Woodhouse Camp: Wednesday 20 – Friday 22 October (week 2)

School Dental Clinic: Thursday 21 – Friday 29 October  (week 2&3)

Wellbeing Day: Monday 25 October  (week 3)

World Teachers Day: Tuesday 26 October (week 3)

Year 5 Bike Education: Each Thursday – 28 October to 2 December (week 3-8)

Sports Day: Friday 29 October (Week 3)

Student Free Day: Monday 1 November (week 4) OSHC Bookings are still available

Room 27 and 29 Woodhouse Camp: Wednesday 3 – Friday 5 November (week 4)

Reception excursion to the Central Markets: Wednesday 3 November (week 4)

Orientation visits for new reception students: beginning 25 November (week 7)

Year 6 Transition Days: Tuesday and Wednesday 31 November and 1 December (week 8)

Year 7 Transition Days: Thursday and Friday 2 & 3 December (week 8)

Year 6/7 Pool Excursion: Tuesday 7 December (week 9)

Reports home with 2022 class placement information: Wednesday 8 December (week9)

Year 6 and 7 Graduations: Thursday 9 December (week 9)

Last day of term: Friday 10 December – 2.05pm finish