Dear families,

Firstly a big thank you for respecting the instructions given to remain outside of the school perimeter during drop-off and pick-up times. This is not a time for complacency and the direction given to us comes directly from SAHealth and The Department.

We are seeing in Queensland now, the impact that the Delta variant is having on school students with six schools closed as of today due to some positive Covid cases in the student and teacher population. By staying outside of the school grounds and following SAHealth advice, we are all working to keep our students safe. I know that this will be uppermost in your minds during this time.

Both the Pfizer and the AstraZeneca vaccines are designed to assist our recovery from restrictions, but the high transmissibility of the Delta variant is our immediate challenge. We need to ensure that all students are kept safe during this time.

Masks are essential in minimising the chance of transmission and the requirement for all adults to wear them on school grounds has not changed.

We are all working together to create a safe place for children to be in. Once again, I thank you for keeping outside of the school perimeter (unless authorised by a staff member).

Below are the changed directions that will come into effect on Thursday 5th August 2021.

From Thursday 5 August 2021, the following activities will resume:

  • choir and dance rehearsals within the school (including Wakakirri rehearsals)
  • extracurricular activities within the school eg. visiting scientists for science week
  • incursions, excursions and intrastate camps. In all cases, we are required to comply with any Covid Management or Covid Safety plan.
  • events held within school grounds (such as performances and concerts) providing:
    • density requirements and physical distancing requirements are met by all attending adults
    • masks are worn by adults
    • all attendees are required to use the QR COVID SAfe check in
  • school sports including interschool sport training, trials and competitions, minimising the number of adults present as much as possible
  • water safety/swimming/aquatic lessons. This includes the upcoming water safety lessons for years 3/4 at Noarlunga Centre.

The following measures remain in place until further notice:

  • all interstate camps and travel must be postponed
  • we are to continue to limit the number of parents on site, and when on site adults must wear a face mask and practice physical distancing
  • where possible, parent teacher meetings will be held online
  • all adults (including staff) must COVID-SAfe check in each time they enter the site.

Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, events, camps and excursions may be cancelled with minimal notice.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman