It is important that students develop regular habits of attendance.  This enables them to maximise their educational opportunities and to actively participate in their learning.

This includes:

  • positive routines and habits
  • friendships and connections
  • communication, problem-solving and creative skills.

Learning is a progressive activity. Each lesson builds on the next lesson. What your child learns today will help them with what they learn tomorrow.

Missing days or parts of days creates gaps. A child might miss out on important learning information or social activities and experiences.

Each day away from school makes it harder for your child to keep up.

Parents can help their children to develop a habit of going to school every day.

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There are occasions when your child is late for school.  When this occurs, to ensure that s/he arrives safely and is accounted for, we ask that you accompany your child to the Front Office, inform us of the late arrival and sign your child in.


There are times when you may need to collect your child early from school (egs. appointments, family reasons).  The process during the Covid pandemic is as follows: come to the Front Office, inform the Front Office staff of the early pick up, sign your child out and the Front Office staff will phone your child’s classroom to have them sent to the front office.

We want to ensure that each child is safe and accounted for and so we thank you for your cooperation.