Dear families,

By now you would have received the latest update regarding the end of year Graduation for Year 7 students. No doubt there will be a range of opinions about how the COVID restrictions impact on school events. It is easy to forget that teachers have spent a great deal of time working through the planning stages, assessing directions from the Department and Government, and constantly reviewing both what is possible and what is practicable.

We are just one of many schools facing this dilemma. Quite a number of primary and high schools have restricted their Graduations to having students only.  Our teachers were keen to keep their options open for as long as possible, waiting on December 1st before finalising a decision, which they did.

I am very pleased knowing that they have considered carefully how they will comply with the Department for Education directions, the venue’s COVID plan and yet still allow one parent to be present at the Graduation. Recently we have seen in the news how just one person can travel large distances in Adelaide and have a possible impact on many people.

Our teachers are quite disappointed about the cancellation of the excursion to North Adelaide Aquatic Centre due to capacity requirements. Unfortunately with 165 year 6/7 students, organising an alternative excursion with current COVID-19 restrictions is not an easy thing to do.

However, we have been successful in keeping our Year 7 Graduation Lunch at the Woodcroft Hotel, which our students are looking forward to. Our 6/7 teachers are still working hard to organise some fun end of year activities, and an enjoyable last week of primary school.

Thankyou to the support given to teachers as they work their way through this time.

Kind Regards,

Steve Freeman