A committee representing Woodend students, staff and parents/carers was formed in August to review our school’s Uniform Policy.  Amendments were made in line with the Department For Education’s guidelines for a Uniform Review including a change of name to ‘Dress Code’ policy.  The policy is now available for the Woodend community to view and provide feedback to the committee.  The timeline for viewing and feedback of this policy will be from Wednesday 9th September (Term 3 Week 8) to Friday 13th November 2020 (Term 4 Week 5).

Below is the link to the Uniform tab on our school website.  Click on the blue tab which takes you to the DRAFT Dress Code Policy to read it. Click on the blue tab which takes you to a Google Form to provide your feedback.  https://woodendps.sa.edu.au/policies/uniform 

Thank you for your feedback.