Dear families,

thank you for your work leading up to Friday. It will be an exciting time for students to get outside, and as long as the weather holds, they will participate in a number of activities arranged by Matthew Hehner and supervised by school staff. If it does rain, students will return to the classrooms and continue with an alternate program. The UV rating on Friday is over 3 and so all students need to wear their hat and be sunsafe.

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, Parents are NOT able to be present on the day.

Despite our efforts to communicate this to everyone, there have still been several queries in recent days. Please note that due to the size of our school, that we have to make the decision not to have parents on school grounds during that time.

We are still required to follow COVID-19 protocols and it is due to this compliance that we can give students an opportunity to be a part of the days activities.

Kind regards,