This term has seen the completion of stage #3 of our playground spaces.  Naturally, as each stage has been unveiled, there has been an abundance of students wanting to trial the new spaces. Here are the three completed stages:

  1. Terrace Playground redevelopment (outside the front office)
  2. Water Play space (directly behind Rooms 9 and 10)
  3. Community Playground redevelopment (oval)

These spaces were developed in consultation with students, parents and staff with the intention to be a balance of nature play and existing playground spaces.  We thank the landscaping company called ‘Betterland’ managed by Philip Selby, for their knowledge and skills in guiding our decision-making and constructing these inviting and engaging spaces for our students.

Our students have loved wearing our new gum boots and getting into the water play spaces to build dams, streams and a range of other water courses.

STAGE #1 Terrace Playground redevelopment

STAGE #2 Water Play space

STAGE #3 Community Playground redevelopment