STEAM Week is finally here! Throughout the week, classes are looking at a relevant problem in our world which students will investigate and then design a possible solution.  Some classes commenced their investigation last term.  Here are snippets from Day 1 featuring …

GRACE VINCENT – Tall Poppy Scientist Award Winner 2020

Ms Vincent’s expertise is in ‘Sleep’. She talked to the Year 6/7 students about her studies, her experiments, reasons for sleep, the most conducive environments for sleep, the most common bedtime pattern, and how much sleep is necessary for different age groups. Thank you for sharing your important research-based messages to us Grace.

‘BUGS N SLUGS’ company

We also welcomed Kristen and James from ‘Bugs n Slugs’.  “A world without insects” is the overarching problem Reception students will try to solve throughout this week. The students were fortunate to engage in a ‘Bugs n Slugs incursion. They learnt what defines an insect, as well as the important jobs these creatures have in our world. One area they will look at is how to encourage pollinating insects to grow and be able to complete their necessary work in our gardens.  Thank you Kristen and James.