Woodend’s produce has been transformed into some amazing tasty dishes by the students at O’Sullivan Beach Primary School.

As some of you know, our Kitchen teacher Amanda Whitrod retired in March. Her departure, coupled with the Department’s restrictions on sharing food and volunteers at school, meant the kitchen component of our Kitchen Garden Program has been on hold. At the same time, O’Sullivan Beach Primary School’s freezer had gone on the blitz, leaving their program stranded for locally grown produce as they had been relying on a late summer harvest.

So our students have been growing food for their program! We can’t imagine a better use!

Keep your ears open for more updates on the program as we head into our biggest growing season yet. We’ll be looking for your input and we will reward you with some yummy treats!

Trudi Engelhardt in our front office also doubles as O’Sullivan Beach’s Kitchen teacher. She’s responsible for the yumminess below!


Silverbeet Pumpkin Feta Pizza

Cheesy pumpkin pasta

Spicy Pumpkin Soup