In keeping with the importance Woodend Primary School places on student and family well-being, we are pleased to have Asmitha Devanand at Woodend for her professional experience in counselling this year.

Asmitha has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science majoring in Neuroscience, a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling and is currently studying a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy at Tabor College. The course is accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia and is carefully structured to ensure safe, effective and quality delivery of counselling practice.

Asmitha will be supervised by Tabor staff and will be monitored by Woodend Primary School’s Deputy Principal, Jane-Ann Natar. Asmitha loves building relationships with kids, listening to their stories and helping them discover strengths and strategies to grow. Asmitha will be available to provide counselling services to students, parents and other family members on Friday’s at Woodend Primary School. She will work out of the side room next to Room 2.

There is no fee for the service and there is the option for parents to withdraw their consent at any time.

Referral Process for Asmitha