Woodend has traditionally celebrated all things Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) with an emphasis on parent engagement.

This year our official STEAM Week will take place from Monday 12th – Friday 16th October (Term 4 Week 1). To abide by COVID-19 restrictions, this will be in the form of a virtual STEAM Week.  Students will undertake a STEAM investigation in class and these will be displayed for their class members, buddy class and/or year level to view.  There will be photos shared with families during the Expo day on 16th October, so that you don’t miss out on seeing the investigations.

As always, we encourage parents/carers to engage in a STEAM investigation with your child at home during the term 3 holidays and this can be displayed at school on the Friday Expo day.  This investigation can be in any area of interest related to Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

We also invite parents/carers to share their STEAM occupations with their child’s class.  We will be able to set up a Zoom meeting.  Please let your child’s teacher/s know if you would be willing to be involved.

It is full STEAM ahead for STEAM Week!

Each year we have had a Music Night to celebrate the work of our instrumental students, and this year we will be having this in a digital online format over several nights in week 1, rather than a face-to-face performance within the school.